Factory Management

Automate the end - to - end production process by implementing the Technosoft Bangladesh Factory Management System. It helps you to simplify manufacturing processes and efficiently schedule entire factory operations. You can gain end-to-end visibility across production processes taking full control adhering to quality and safety and exercise controls on materials, products and processes.

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Password: admin@techno


  • Module Wise User Access control.
  • Custom Information Setup Module and Function.
  • Create designation, department, category, brand, unit and Route information.
  • Dealer information registration check the dealer deals capability.
  • Manage Product, purchase and stock information.
  • Automatic notify the product stock low quantity.
  • Manage Raw material supplier information.
  • Purchase Raw material and stock.
  • Create New Batch Formula for manufacturing the product.
  • Manage Production and create new stock.
  • Manage Warehouse, stock and transfer the product from warehouse to warehouse.
  • Purchase Return, Sales return and Wastage return.
  • Product Order Requisition, forward, account verify, and delivery the product.
  • Supplier and customer due payment.
  • Expense information of Institution easy to manage.
  • Banking transactional record can be store on this software.
  • Purchase report, sales report, wastage report daily monthly and yearly can be possible to generate.
  • Marketing Officer Target achievement, Daily Call Card, Call Card report Generate etc.
  • Notify The Dealer about various offer and information.
  • Personal and internal loan information payment receive, statement can be manage.
  • Due Report, Overdue report, easily generate.
  • Customers and supplier personal statement of transactional activity.
  • Ledger Report, Cash report , Daily Summary, Cash Flow Summary, Profit loss, Income Expense,
  • Daily Cash Ledger, Bank Cash ledger
  • Cash Closing Summary and Closing Ledger Report.